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5 ways to help make baby stop crying

1. Rhymes Kids:
Singing a child can help him calm, because the tone of a familiar mother melody is a slow song that can calm down. The child will feel comfortable and much more relaxed.

2. Massage:
A massage of a little bit of a body, a little baby helps to extract the stress that is another one for the cry of the baby. The massage for the child will help the, to drop that hormone. Can be the stress of the child.

3. Hug baby. Let’s tell:
It’s often the kids cry and then get carried away by the mother. He will stop singing quickly. with the sound of a child rhymes from mother, then both things will help peace and feel safety for children as well as the range in the Mother’s womb.

4. Movement goes:
Carrying a little baby, told you to sing a song, and the other thing is to wiggle around or walk inside the room and walk the kids to see things around the house, just ben the attention of the children, the steak, the nursery. Calm. There must be a singing convince and moving to three things. This makes the baby calm as soon as possible because of the habit of being in the belly of a safe mother.

5. Check yourself:
While the little baby is getting milk and crying, you have to check yourself before breastfeeding. Anything that affects the taste of milk? Just milk. There are foreign things or change just a little. The child is born the. That Taste, he cried immediately, ” Mom! What’s wrong with milk?

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