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Tips for raising your children

1. Night Time Sleeping time is very useful to make the baby understand the time of day and night. During the night, it is time to sleep longer than waking up to play. You should start preparing your baby for sleep by doing these routines before going to bed every day, such as bathing a […]

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Nanny At Homes: Feeding Tips for your child

How to deal the child whose very choosy when it comes of eating? Parents should not force children to eat and do not expect children to eat the same every day. But should find a way to feed the baby to get nutrition. Nanny at homes listed the  ten (10) helpul tips . 1. Provide […]

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Newborn babies How do parents make this convenient?

Newborn babies How do parents make this convenient? Do not get tired 1. Sleep when feel sleeping Of course, it sounds easy, but there are actually many parents who do not sleep while they sleep. Do not think this is the time when you need to be prepared and alert as long as possible. So […]

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Reading Techniques To Help Brain Development

Reading techniques to help brain development. 1. Introduce the book before reading. Before you read a book to your children. You should tell your child what the book is about. This is a book about the life of a penguin. Let’s see how the penguins live. To stimulate the attention of children, etc. Teach children […]

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Teaching children to love to wait

Waiting is a necessary life skill. For new generation What was born in the era? Quick and easy. Teaching children to know the word waiting is a good starting point to train children. Self-control. Parents should train their children to know how to wait. This is an important foundation for the future of children. How […]

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The qualities of those who will be a good nanny

Parents of children see that the nanny should have the following qualifications. 1. Trustable and dependable. Trust is essential. And you will be responsible for the health and safety of your children. 2. love little children The best nanny will usually have to understand and love the child. Are your children likely to love you? […]

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What to know: The benefits of blowing soap bubbles

“Why do kids like blowing soap bubbles?” This is a question that asked itself for a long time. Finally found the answer from you Papa. I’m Tida Tan Nararam, a developmental psychologist and therapist. Let’s talk about it. “Because it’s fun. And it floats. “Most children responded like this. This is true because children, whether […]

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Parenting 101 from Nanny At Homes

When children make mistakes, you will “teach” or “aggravate”

In fact, children who make mistakes are often afraid. I feel guilty as the capital already. Emotional Not much will make the baby feel worse. I understand that “making mistakes is a big deal”

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Nanny At Homes: Tips of how to clean your bathroom

Who is happy in the bathroom to lift up a nice clean bathroom to read a book. Who will not be happy? Today we have tips to clean the bathroom clean. We have tips to clean the bathroom clean. 1. Bring A Doormat. The Wipes in front of the bathroom, including the towels and the […]

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Nanny At Homes wants you! We’re Hiring!

We are currently looking a Philippine/Filipino Candidates who can fill up the following position: Nanny Maid Housekeeper Gardener Driver Part Time or Full Time position needed Send resume to our email address

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I have a great experience with you guys. My nanny that I was hired from you is very cheerful and professional. Thumbs up to you!

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