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Breast milk is beneficial to the baby in the long run

As usual, the child will have a resistance level (Imam Mu, a, g, m), which helps in prevention of infectious diseases, is at a nearby level, adults when a 6-Year-old child, part-level resistance in children, age before 6 years There is also a low level of low level, so it’s easy to get sick. It takes a vital substance that is shed from the white blood cells that are in the milk. The Mother is an incentive to stimulate the resistance, causing the child to eat milk. Mother has a strong body

Brain development
According to education, the child’s brain weight will continue to rise until the 6-7-Year-old, and the creation of the nerve fibers will be completed at 7 years old. If in this period, the brain is given the important substance is the fat acid is not saturated. Each other is dha and ara) will give the child a brain and the best eye-to-eye. Which substance is found in mother milk, not cow milk, so the child should eat mother’s milk to get these substances fully.

Why mother milk is a perfect meal for cuddle balls in all ages?
Because Mother’s milk has a change in the proportion of nutrients. In each age, the age will have different nutrients because the mother’s milk will create milk according to your needs. by the body of the mother, it produces milk for cuddle balls until the system of The Child’s body will be ready on all sides, whether it is a digestive system, another type that is not milk, immune system, disease, ability to find food in person, or availability of self-Reliance without living mother milk. Mother is always quality, even if mother lacks food naturally, It must be the value of milk for you, except the mother is in a severe lack of food, so that mother can give you a 7-Year-old, or until the mother’s body doesn’t produce milk again.

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