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Carrying the baby in the right way Relationship between mother and child

Smart Parenting by Nanny at Homes

Carrying is the expression of love And a way to convey warmth from mother to child That the baby can touch directly Carrying a baby is easy and simple. It will be difficult. But this is not a big deal. If a new mother knows and has the right way to carry a child It’s also getting to know And increase the relationship between mother and child as well

Crib holding posture
1. Insert the right hand under the head and neck. The left hand supports the buttocks and spine.
2. Pull the head and neck into the left arm joint. Left hand supporting baby in arms
3. Then stack the right arm under the left arm. To help support weight from the ball

Properly referring babies for Carrying technique
1. Insert the right hand under the head and neck. The left hand should hold the buttocks and spine.
2. Hold the ball up at the shoulder level The head of the child should not fold over the shoulders of the mother to the back. Then use the arms to support the bottom of the ball The legs of the child should be lower than the mother’s arm.
3. For greater stability, should support the ball head with the free hand. And if you have to lean forward Every time, don’t forget to use
Hands also support the head and neck of the child.

Fitting the right way for baby
1. Use the right hand to fit under the head and neck. To help support the weight The other hand holds the buttocks and spine.
2. Let the person wait for the arms crossed.
3. Hold the head and neck of the ball with one arm. By sending the head of the child first Along with telling people to wait to support their children
4. Then, put the child on the arm that is crossed.

Techniques for carrying your children
1. Insert the right hand (or the right side) under the neck and head of the ball. To gain weight
2. Insert the left hand (or the right side) under the buttocks and spine.
3. Then slowly lift the ball up to the chest.

Before carrying the child every time Parents should wash their hands thoroughly. And wipe dry first

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