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Nannay At Homes: Common problems in the elderly


People have the most complete development at the age of 20-25 years. From then, the performance of the body and organs will begin to deteriorate, which will be noticeable when it comes to the elderly Causing the elderly to have health problems throughout the body Minds and diseases Which is more common in other ages Common problems in the elderly

1. The deterioration of intelligence Because the brain cells are less Will be inefficient due to less blood circulation to the brain And some malnutrition and vitamins, the elderly will have memory loss, forgetfulness, insomnia, dementia may lead to other problems such as lost energy, accidents, malnutrition, infection

2. Depression is a common condition in the elderly, especially those with chronic physical disease. Lack of knowledge and lack of attention from relatives Patients have many symptoms, including sleep disorders, lack of attention, guilt, lack of concentration, loss of appetite, if severe symptoms may have suicidal thoughts.

3. Symptoms of urinary incontinence Inflammation of the urinary tract Vaginal or urinary tract atrophy and inflammation And side effects of drug use and treatment of many diseases such as stress relieving drugs, antidepressant medications Or certain types of pressure preservatives The diuretic itself causes a lot of urine, which can cause the urine to not catch up. In addition, there are chronic urinary inconvenience. Which is a result of urinary tract abnormalities

4. Falling, especially female The rate of falls is as high as 30% each year and the proportion will increase with age, balance will lose and make it easy for the elderly to fall easily. Causes the fall, such as blood flow, less cerebral palsy, pneumonia, ischemic heart disease Environmental changes such as slippery floors, medicines and alcohol are common causes. Can’t sleep Feet and swelling are a problem.

The most important cause is loss of balance and fear of falling. Irregular balance May be caused by aging by age Plant of the nervous system, such as paralysis, autonomic nervous system And distal nervous system, diabetes, alcohol, malnutrition and diseases of the brain that control balance Blood pressure when changing position From the use of certain drugs Or after sleeping too long, mental conditions such as stress or depression may also be involved

Falling is a major cause of significant disability of the elderly and there may be complications that can result in death. Preventing falling by arranging the home environment Using the device to help with proper movement Bone and joint disease treatment and treatment of various physical diseases That may cause the elderly to fall is necessary All seniors should be regularly assessed for the risk of falls and being trained to use walking aids if necessary.

5. Difficult movement Due to weak pain Balance loss And mental problems causing the elderly to sleep Malnutrition Abnormalities of minerals, anemia, nervous system or muscle In addition, there may be a cause of joint disease such as rheumatoid gout, Parkinson’s disease. And antipsychotics Pain from many Cause the elderly do not want to move

6. Effects of drug use For many reasons, the elderly have a chance to have side effects from using drugs more than 2-3 times the general population. Removal of waste in the body is much slower. Due to kidney function and liver deterioration The response to drugs is different from the general ones. Such as being sensitive to the opium family And anticoagulants, elderly patients may have many abnormal conditions Therefore had the opportunity to receive many medications, both by the doctor ordered and bought by himself Therefore the chances of side effects are more Therefore, choosing to use drugs as necessary and appropriately is necessary. To avoid such disadvantages

Common diseases in the elderly, obesity, diabetes, hypertension Hyperlipidemia Osteoarthritis, ischemic heart disease Dementia, depression, anxiety and insomnia Gastrointestinal diseases, flatulence, constipation

It can be seen that the elderly have health problems that need to be taken care of. Therefore, the elderly should receive a Geriatric Assessment and regular health check-ups and when any diseases or disorders are found. Should receive regular treatment and care In order to be healthy and fit for ages

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