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Nanny At Homes: Feeding Tips for your child

How to deal the child whose very choosy when it comes of eating?
Parents should not force children to eat and do not expect children to eat the same every day. But should find a way to feed the baby to get nutrition.

Nanny at homes listed the  ten (10) helpul tips .

1. Provide food to bright colors. And give children the opportunity to choose a meal, such as asking the child whether to choose soups or vegetables. Will choose banana or orange. And observe the kind and style of food that children like.

2. Do not eat snacks before the main meal. Or give food often until the baby is not hungry. Choose a good snack like fruit and give it after a meal. If the baby is eating properly.

3. If I’m not satisfied, I should not be tempted. It will make the baby deny that kind of food.

4. The atmosphere to eat food is a happy time. Encourage children to eat.

5. encourage children to eat vegetables. By the fun and interesting.

6. Food should be provided on time. If your child is playing fun, tell them in advance that it’s time for food. To stop washing hands to prepare food. The meal duration is about 30 – 45 minutes. When the time is right, keep the plate immediately. Although the baby is not eaten or eat less. Without expressing anxiety or anger. But desserts, snacks or snacks. All before the next meal. To give birth to hunger. This will stimulate appetite.

7. Do not use meals as bait or use as punishment.

8. Do not give too much milk. When the child over the age of one should eat rice as the main meal 3 times a day, milk is a supplement. And should only milk after food.

9. The table should be made of spoon bowls suitable for children. To keep the child comfortable and private. Sit on the chair and finish it down. Should not walk and feed it.

10. Must learn and observe the gesture and expression of the child. If the child is not hungry. Eat half of your baby’s food to half an hour if the baby is not eating. The next meal without milk or anything else.

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