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Nanny At Homes: Tips of how to clean your bathroom

Who is happy in the bathroom to lift up a nice clean bathroom to read a book. Who will not be happy? Today we have tips to clean the bathroom clean.

We have tips to clean the bathroom clean.

1. Bring A Doormat.

The Wipes in front of the bathroom, including the towels and the decorative curtains, would have accumulated a lot of germs and dust, so before cleaning the toilet, should unlock the hand towels and bring the doormat to clean up.

2. Move all the items out of the bathroom.

The next step is to move everything out of the bathroom. Both body cleansers and decorative items. Including some decoration that can be removed to clean it, it must be kept to a piece. To clear the area open before cleaning.

3. Baht. Cleaning Cleanser in the oh.

Pour the toilet cleaners into the toilet. Do not forget to open the exhaust fan or at least open the door and window of the bathroom to vent and close the toilet cover. But if you do not want to risk dangerous chemicals, try mixing 1 tablespoon of baking powder with vinegar and 75/25 water, then clean the toilet bowl is not too cool to clean the toilet.

4. Sweep the dust.

The cleanliness of the bathroom did not shine from the bathroom floor or the sanitary ware, but the ceiling and bathroom walls were not visible at all. So we used a broomstick to sweep across the ceiling throughout. By sweeping from the top down to the bottom.

5. Scrub the glass and wall.

Next to the ceiling, then come to the bathroom mirror. Wipe the glass with a glass cleaner with newspaper paper. The wall was rubbed with a brush. If it is wall mounted wallpaper. Cover the brush with a damp cloth. Then wipe the wall clean. For heavy stains should use cleaning solution with it.

6. Wash the sink and counter area.

Mix the soap with warm water and use the old toothbrush to scrub the tiles on the counter basin. Including narrow area, sink and faucet. If the dirt is stuck, it may be necessary to use baking soda mixed with vinegar to a thick paste. Remove the stains for about 15 minutes, then use a toothbrush again. But for the area of ​​the sink and counter tiles. Use a cleaning sponge and scrub it.

7. Clean the outside of the toilet.

Start with an antiseptic or antiseptic spray all over the front of the sanitary ware. Then use a sponge to rub around the cleansing. Then wash with clean water.

8. Sanitaryware

After the management of the outside of the jar already. This is the inside of the toilet bowl, we poured the bathroom remover and leave it anyway. The accessories for this procedure can be selected as a brush with a long handle. Finish and then flush the toilet.

9. Manage the bathroom floor.

Other areas in the bathroom clean purely. The bathroom is still ruined. So the next job is to scrub the bathroom floor. If you use a bathroom remover. Should be poured for 10 minutes before scrubbing or if using an antiseptic wash the toilet. Pour at least 30 minutes before polishing. And in the tile groove that accumulated a lot of dirty. I have a toothbrush with old hand with a bleach.


10. Dump the antique, drop the stuff, still use it.

After cleaning the bathroom floor. Should use a sponge or a mop of water. The exhaust fan to prevent humidity. Then we sort of moved out of the bathroom. The only option is to use it to put in place. The old toothbrush. Toothpaste used for toothpaste. Including a foam tube, wash the face, it throws away the waste. I will put the item to the place. Do not forget to wash the water with me.

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