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Newborn babies How do parents make this convenient?

Nanny At Homes | Newborn Baby

Newborn babies How do parents make this convenient?
Do not get tired

1. Sleep when feel sleeping
Of course, it sounds easy, but there are actually many parents who do not sleep while they sleep. Do not think this is the time when you need to be prepared and alert as long as possible. So sleep with your baby to get as much sleep as you can.

2 Do not think that baby crying is ready to wake up.
Often, the baby wakes himself. (Including parents) with a cry But it does not mean that little one is ready to wake up. As a parent, it was the first intuition to see what was going on with the baby and Czechs, sure enough that everything was fine on the cot. Before going to sleep again.

3. Learn the basics of neonatal flushing.
⭐ Put the wrapping in a diamond.
⭐ Fold the top of the fabric down the middle.
⭐ Hold the baby with his neck in the folded corner.
⭐ Place the arm of the ball close to the body, then grasp one side of the cloth to wrap the body of the ball and tuck the end of the cloth under the arm.
⭐ Then fold the end of the fabric up to close the leg.
⭐ Take the fabric from the other side and wrap it in a cloth under the baby.

4. Use coconut oil on the bottoms.
Coconut oil helps to treat baby diaper rash as well as diaper rash. It also treats yeast infections as well. It also moisturizes the bottom of the ball. And clean the bottom of the baby cleanly.

5. Use the correct bear suit.
Baby bear or baby suit is designed to be. “Button on the shirt” that makes it easier to change the diaper or clean the bottom of the baby instead of removing the whole set of bears.

6 Exercise bike to help vent.
When the baby gets gas in the stomach. Resulting in bloating. Make the baby cry. What will help the gas drain out of the ball in addition to help the ball. It is like cycling in the air by placing your baby upside-down and rotating your legs around it to help remove gas from your stomach.

7. Use White Noise to sleep
We often talk about how it can help a baby sleep in a quiet room. White Noise is a soft voice like a desk fan. Natural rain, rain, etc. You can open it from an application or device that creates a lightweight white noise that will allow your baby’s ear to be less sensitive to minor noise. It will not help you wake up easily.

8. Do not let your baby wake up for more than an hour and a half.
For the newborn Even with no sleep at the time. They should sleep for 16-18 hours a day, which is good for growth hormone or growth hormone to work while the baby sleeps. The baby’s body grows fully. Too much stimulation or stimulation will interfere with the baby’s development. I have to affect my emotions.

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