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Newborn in the first week after childbirth

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The first week of staying home with a little baby after childbirth. What will you find? Try reading this article and see what you should know about that newborn.

Like not a lot of people talk about this moment so much. Mothers are afraid of having to bring their own children home for the first time due to not knowing what is going to happen to them. and the mother of the little baby will take a week later to learn what happens to both himself and So little that could lead to a wrong practice. This week doesn’t have to be a scary time or a week unfamiliar or a week you have very little knowledge and can’t predict anything. Let’s see if there’s anything you should know. That will happen in the first week after childbirth


First of all, you should know that whether it’s a maternity surgery or a natural childbirth, you’ll hurt at some point of your body. Maybe you’re in a lot of pain. by the way, depending on how your birth is, the mother of childbirth may have to take painkillers for a Until the mother survived that pain, for a natural birth mother, may also require painkillers, which depends on the tearing of the vagina or other parts involved.

Entering the water room is going to be a hard time for a while. You may have a back pain, especially with a mother who has an injection in the spinal cord to block the back. When your milk is shed, there will be more pain. The other has been increased. The elimination of milk will make your breast hurt, and when your child is suckling, your nipples will hurt until you and the baby can adapt to it.

In the end, you may face a little shrinking uterus while your uterus is shrinking. Back to the original size, this condition will not hurt you much, but the occasional contraction may give you a little disruption, so in the first week after childbirth or From now on, you should avoid the lifting of heavy heavier than your children, since the lifting of heavy will cause the uterus to enter the original condition, slow down or could be dangerous with the uterus.


Everyone likes a new born baby and feels wanted to visit and they assume that the new mother would want someone to visit because otherwise would feel like abandonment. The truth is that the new mother doesn’t want anyone to visit in the first week after childbirth or until. Everything is perfect. I want people to visit with the baby.

But the truth is not like that, mother like most of us wouldn’t have been with the baby or the husband alone in the first week, while the first guest went back, it seems that there were two guests coming in continuously. Your door buzzer will be famous while you’re about to lean back What you want to avoid, you have 2-3 choices that can be done. You can tell your family, relatives or friends that you will call them when you are ready to have visitors. You may tell them to call you later or Tell them you’ll call when the time is right. You may need to label at the front door to tell the visitors who didn’t notice in advance. Know at the door that you cuddle balls are resting and begging them to call you later.

The last way may be the best way, since both you tell friends or relatives call you before visiting, but many may think that’s not important. If you don’t want to hurt their minds, you don’t have to say anything, but let’s expect Your house is going to be a great visitor.


It seems to be a simple question, but the new moms are always anticipating fatigue in the first week with a little dribble at home. That’s too low. Newborns always have what people call “day and night of them switching each other” they will sleep a lot in daytime and sleep noi. At Night, many people suggest that you rest when your child sleeps. Even if it’s daytime all day, but sometimes the action doesn’t be as easy as talking when you have to do other activities in the daytime.

However, for a mother who is rarely sleeping, you should ask yourself how much of these things are important to do. Cleaning up a big dinner, getting out of business. You should stop these activities first for about a week or so. Until everything is in the picture, in the back of the birth, about 1 weeks, your little baby will start to adjust into a normal routine. Please don’t expect everything to be better immediately, but your little baby will sleep in a better time, so you should. A hand from other activities in the first week and sleep a lot.

The parents who don’t rest just can’t handle a lot of stress. Cuddle little balls that need a lot of attention. If possible, you may beg for your friends or family people to help look at the little baby so you can sleep. Rest the way no one. Bother for 2 hours

Eat sleep and take pregnant

The Mother who used to have a baby will be able to get through the first week with this new born baby. It’s easy for a new mother to be alarmed by the exciting things that happen to your cuddle little baby in the first week or maybe longer. That’s true. Your little baby will spend his whole day doing in 3 things. That’s milk, sleep and filming waste in diapers. They do this only.
Sometimes they will show the mouth that it looks like they are smiling, but in this period, children will have a lot of personality or interaction, so little they are going to sleep milk and take a stomach all day. There’s nothing you need to make them more than to starve and kiss your little Exciting things will happen later. For Now, let you enjoy the serenity and the ease they picked up for you.


If you think you have anxiety during the time you’re pregnant, you’ll be more feeling than that during the first week of being at a crazy cuddle-baby bird. You’ll be checking him out often to make sure your baby is still breathing. Move everything that moves near the face of a little baby and show a lot of anxiety to make sure your baby is still safe and healthy.

You will have an idea that expresses anxiety like he does this face. is it normal? Should he do that? Baby boy sleep too long or not? You don’t have to worry, since these conditions are normal, it’s my instinct to make sure that your little baby is safe. However, if you want comfort, you call your mother or call a doctor when you have a lot of doubts. How many of you are cuddle your kids but even then you will continue to check your children so many times that your new born baby is still good or not. Many mothers are so and it will be better eventually.

The first week at home with your little baby will have a lot of fatigue and new experiences to always learn. It may look like scary and a bit of a tantrum. But it will pass quickly before you can notice it. When your little baby Got one year old. You will be a new mother with full confidence and you will imagine the first week with parenting at home. But before that day, learn the taste of this moment first since it will pass very fast.

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