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Reading Techniques To Help Brain Development

Reading techniques to help brain development.

1. Introduce the book before reading.
Before you read a book to your children. You should tell your child what the book is about. This is a book about the life of a penguin. Let’s see how the penguins live. To stimulate the attention of children, etc. Teach children to read the book title. Open the book together. It is a habit to love books for children.

2. Reading with children
Reading is an extension of knowledge in vocabulary. And language skills. You should read the following to practice pronunciation correctly. When reading, if the baby is small, you take the baby to sit and read the book. You will receive love and warmth from your mother.

3. Pointing to the letter
While reading You should use the index finger to chase the letters and pictures. Let the children know the words and voices. Mothers should explain the meaning of words that children may not understand with simple words. In addition, mothers may insert vocabulary in English. The Chinese language is also enhanced.

4. Read regularly
You should read the book regularly. And read every day Reading books to young children. Practice good reading love to children.

5. Read the fun.
You should create an atmosphere of reading books with children to have fun, interact with children. For the children to practice thinking and imagining.

6. Open Question
Open Question is the question that children can answer a variety of ideas and imagination of children. Do not block the idea You will see that. What do you think? See the ability to answer questions. Thinking skills If the idea is not right, do not just tell me. But ask why abacus like this. Then teach what is right for the child. So let’s think about the reason and result.

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