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What parents should know What about the baby’s first sleep – 6 months?

“Sleep” is the first activity of the brain during the early stages of development. The biological clock or the clock of our lives will be stimulated by light and darkness. Our bodies need time to develop these systems. Therefore causing the baby to not sleep at that time Newborn-3 months 1. Give children a day […]

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3 Easy tips to keep your baby happy every day

1. Feed the baby or eat the main meal until full. Baby food, whether it’s milk or supplements for his age. When it is time to eat, it should be enough to eat. Mother should not let him cries hungry for long. Good advice to prepare milk and prepare food early. By the time the […]

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Why Does your Child Wet the Bed?

It’s probably not a club you ever dreamt of joining, but you’re in it anyway. The good news is that chances are, your membership will be short-term. Most kids start staying dry before starting school. Each year after that, the percentage of bedwetters decreases even more. There aren’t very many kids who go off to […]

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Breast milk is beneficial to the baby in the long run

As usual, the child will have a resistance level (Imam Mu, a, g, m), which helps in prevention of infectious diseases, is at a nearby level, adults when a 6-Year-old child, part-level resistance in children, age before 6 years There is also a low level of low level, so it’s easy to get sick. It […]

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5 ways to help make baby stop crying

1. Rhymes Kids: Singing a child can help him calm, because the tone of a familiar mother melody is a slow song that can calm down. The child will feel comfortable and much more relaxed. 2. Massage: A massage of a little bit of a body, a little baby helps to extract the stress that […]

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General development of newborn 1-7 days

Reflex reaction A reflex reaction or another call that the reverse reaction is an important development of a newborn baby that will respond to anything triggered or provocative by the an. Cuddle this reaction will happen often during the first month of baby and after that. Well, it’s going to be all right. The reaction […]

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