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What parents should know What about the baby’s first sleep – 6 months?

“Sleep” is the first activity of the brain during the early stages of development. The biological clock or the clock of our lives will be stimulated by light and darkness. Our bodies need time to develop these systems. Therefore causing the baby to not sleep at that time Newborn-3 months 1. Give children a day […]

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Newborn babies How do parents make this convenient?

Newborn babies How do parents make this convenient? Do not get tired 1. Sleep when feel sleeping Of course, it sounds easy, but there are actually many parents who do not sleep while they sleep. Do not think this is the time when you need to be prepared and alert as long as possible. So […]

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General development of newborn 1-7 days

Reflex reaction A reflex reaction or another call that the reverse reaction is an important development of a newborn baby that will respond to anything triggered or provocative by the an. Cuddle this reaction will happen often during the first month of baby and after that. Well, it’s going to be all right. The reaction […]

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