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What to know: The benefits of blowing soap bubbles

“Why do kids like blowing soap bubbles?” This is a question that asked itself for a long time. Finally found the answer from you Papa. I’m Tida Tan Nararam, a developmental psychologist and therapist. Let’s talk about it. “Because it’s fun. And it floats. “Most children responded like this. This is true because children, whether […]

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When children make mistakes, you will “teach” or “aggravate”

In fact, children who make mistakes are often afraid. I feel guilty as the capital already. Emotional Not much will make the baby feel worse. I understand that “making mistakes is a big deal”

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The four parenting styles you should need to know

The following article offers some insight to those involved in the wonderful world known as Parenting. There are just as many parenting styles as there are a number of parents. Experts believe the parenting styles fall into 4 different and identifiable styles: authoritarian, indulgent, authoritative, and uninvolved. Let’s examine this more closely. The first parenting […]

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I have a great experience with you guys. My nanny that I was hired from you is very cheerful and professional. Thumbs up to you!

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