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Teaching children to love to wait

Waiting is a necessary life skill. For new generation What was born in the era? Quick and easy.

Teaching children to know the word waiting is a good starting point to train children. Self-control. Parents should train their children to know how to wait. This is an important foundation for the future of children.

How to

1. Not respond as soon as the child needs.
It should be told that when you wait, it will soon be that it is gradually implanted that he does not need anything immediately.

2. Tell the end of the wait is clear.
“If you want to eat sweets. Must eat rice first “to make his patience wait for the end. Do not wait for the pointless, for example, say “Wait” or “Wait a minute”. Children will not understand when to wait.

3. Reduce jitteriness to children when waiting.
If the child starts to get upset or anxious when waiting for something long, do not scold or rebuke because it is the most. Stimulate his distraction even more. Parents need to reduce their sense of anxiety, such as doing other things to divert attention or if they do not succeed. I am comforting the child who is frustrated to relax.

4. Find activities that require patience to do together.
For example, the wooden blocks to the jigsaw puzzle for Lego, because the practice of patience is also a meditation practice in the body.

5. Let the children know how to wait.
For example, let’s play with other children who require queuing. Take the ball to the bathroom waiting row in the mall. Quit time out to do business outside the home. Or wait for food Point out to the children that they all have to wait to get what they want.

6. Use prizes or things that your children like as incentives for children to know the waiting.
For example, “Tell your children to wait without interrupting their mother work. When mom finishes work, she will go out and play outside. ” Parents should keep their promises to let them know that the wait is working.

7. Show appreciation
At the end of the waiting period, the child can wait without rapturous speech, expression, tone, admiration, when the child is waiting, motivating him to wait the next time.

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