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The qualities of those who will be a good nanny

Parents of children see that the nanny should have the following qualifications.

1. Trustable and dependable. Trust is essential. And you will be responsible for the health and safety of your children.

2. love little children The best nanny will usually have to understand and love the child. Are your children likely to love you?

3. Be self-confident. The children will judge from the attitude of the capital and the words you express. So you have to have confidence in yourself.

4. Being a mature person When an emergency happens, you have to be calm and calm.

5. Have a good manners. It means the possession of the good. Respect for the privacy of homeowners. Do not go into private rooms. Or to pick up his belongings.

6. Have knowledge of children. Knowledgeable children should know and understand the basics of child development. Must know the basic techniques of feeding, dressing, bathing and playing with young children and older children.

7. Be a business-like attitude before agreeing to work as a nanny for a new family. You have to deal with him in every way. Be aware of their information before they leave your office.
8. Be adaptable. That is, accept the difference of each cover is not the same. To live in a family, one must adapt to his lifestyle and habits. If people see that his way of life you do not get. You refuse to work as a nanny in his home.

9. Being a safety conscious person is to protect the child from harm. Care must be taken at all times. No

10. You will be in demand if you are a good nanny. You will be wanting a lot of parents of children. You may have to serve as a nanny in the same family over and over again. You just have to get in on this. We care about all services.

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Excellent Choice!

I have a great experience with you guys. My nanny that I was hired from you is very cheerful and professional. Thumbs up to you!

Mike Tolomias