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Tips for raising your children

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1. Night Time
Sleeping time is very useful to make the baby understand the time of day and night. During the night, it is time to sleep longer than waking up to play. You should start preparing your baby for sleep by doing these routines before going to bed every day, such as bathing a little girl wearing a pajamas. And sing lullabies or tell tales before bedtime. The key is consistency when it becomes a daily routine of sleeping and then your baby will be able to sleep easily every day. Wake up fresh mood.

2. Hours
You can set your baby’s sleep time by which time you should sleep. Instead of letting the baby fall asleep at any time. Notice that while gimmicks and start to sleep. You can create an atmosphere of sleep by turning on the dim lights, singing lullaby. The baby can sleep. Do this every day. Children will start to receive signals and know when to sleep.

3. Bath time
After the umbilical cord, you can bathe the baby in the bathtub. Creating a daily routine in the bath will make the baby feel fresh. Clean, healthy skin, especially for hot weather.

4. time food
When the little guy starts to give food, he starts to learn how to catch a spoon to eat himself. Regular meal scheduling is very important. Start by letting the baby sit on the dining chair. And eat together on the table. To eat dinner together in the family. It will help improve the social skills and eating habits that are good for the baby. And make the family closer together as well. The results show that. Children who eat together with their families are often not depressed. And they would do well at school.

5. Daily routines that parents can create
Daily routine is important, but actually it can be flexible. Parents must observe the behavior and understand the needs of the baby is important. So if you need to adjust your daily routine or change some schedule to match your child’s needs. I do not know how to do it. Because it is important to care for the baby every day, both parents and children are happy together.

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