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What parents should know What about the baby’s first sleep – 6 months?

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“Sleep” is the first activity of the brain during the early stages of development. The biological clock or the clock of our lives will be stimulated by light and darkness. Our bodies need time to develop these systems. Therefore causing the baby to not sleep at that time

Newborn-3 months

1. Give children a day to sleep frequently. Age 6-8 weeks. Babies are not waking up for 2 hours at a time. If you take your child to sleep later, the child may be sleepy or too tired to cause insomnia.

2. Teach children to know the difference of day and night. Teach when the child is 2 weeks old by playing with the child. Keep him awake during the day as much as possible Make the whole house bright Do not have to control the volume in the house. Night Don’t talk to your children for too long. Soon the child will learn by herself that the night is sleeping.

3. Observe the drowsiness of the child. Are the eyes crushed? Do you pull your ears? Or frustrated more easily than usual? If you notice these symptoms, put your child to bed. And you will know the clock, life, time of your child And know if the child is ready to sleep

4. Create a bedtime routine Can start when the child is 6 weeks old or will start before it is not damaged With the principle of Do the routine every night at the same time. Activities should not be too exciting or frightening children. Suggested methods such as reading stories for children Croon Change the pajamas on the cheeks, if the baby is feeding Should have finished eating before going to bed in his bed

4-6 months

1. Schedule to sleep at night and sleep in the day To allow the child to sleep for a period of time Should choose to go to bed that is suitable for our family. And make as much as possible If the child looks to sleep later than May be due to too stunned activities If the child has problems, sleepless or sleepy all the time Try to take your child to bed earlier. If the child is sleepy or tired, it may be difficult to sleep.

2. Create a routine before bedtime. If there is no, it can be anything. Just keep doing the same order and the same time every night is enough. Because the child needs consistency

3. Wake up in the morning to set the life clock If the child does not wake at normal times, can wake the child Children should sleep and wake up on schedule. Wake up at the same time every morning.

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