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What to know: The benefits of blowing soap bubbles

“Why do kids like blowing soap bubbles?”
This is a question that asked itself for a long time.
Finally found the answer from you Papa.
I’m Tida Tan Nararam, a developmental psychologist and therapist.
Let’s talk about it.

“Because it’s fun. And it floats. “Most children responded like this.
This is true because children, whether girls. Or boy (Especially in children 1-5 years old), always enjoy the chase caught bubbles. Or try to blow the bubbles manually. And the bubbles also have the same magic, so it was floating flying to disappear for a while. Fun to have fun with children.

In addition to fun. Bubble bathing is also useful for children. Many many things. What’s that?
Let’s see it better.

1) Help children to concentrate – Focus on what they do. Whether it is blowing. Or catch bubbles Must be willing Concentrate on what happened at that time.

2) Promote successful work efforts – In small children, they often blow bubbles. But he wanted to blow it. He tried to make it. And when he succeeds. (Look at the expression of the child), the child will express a happy face, happy and self-esteem. We can not smile to it.

3) Practice the movement of the mouth muscles. And encourage more talk, such as “bubbles gone”, “bye bye bubbles”

4) Promote big muscles. Or limb muscles. In jumping, catching, jumping, jumping, catching, or kicking soap bubbles.

5) Encourage the small muscles to reach the hand holding the bubble, to use the fingers to bubble the soap bubble, to open the bottle bubble, soap, etc.

6) Practice the senses. – Blowing the soap bubbles is a sensory play. In fact, children will use the senses to play such as touching soap bubbles that look like. And learn that blowing bubbles requires a combination of hand and eye coordination (of course, children will want to taste bubbles with. Parents should advise me :)

7) Practice waiting patiently. (Wait patiently to blow the bubbles) or in the case of many people. The practice of sharing, alternating, blowing, alternating play to promote social skills have another way.

8) Learn about the shapes (rounds), size (small / medium / large), translucent objects, directions (upper – lower, left – right, front – back), which children will learn these things well. By playing More than just teaching.

9) Make children have good relationships with the children they play with – It takes quality together. The atmosphere is warm. This cheerful relationship will help develop a good relationship with children.

10) Even if children grow up (6-10 years), they are less interested in playing bubbles than children. But I found that. Whenever an older child is depressed, the bubble blows. Finally, there is a full bubble of soap. It helps to make children feel really excited in. It is also used to play the assumption of the older children as well, such as assuming that the bubble is raining as snow, bubbles in the water. It promotes imagination and creativity as well.

Because of this. We would like to tell you that “we play with soap bubbles with children” is a blowing soap bubble bath. Play in the lawn Or play at leisure. It’s fun. And not much benefit.

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