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When children make mistakes, you will “teach” or “aggravate”

When children make mistakes, you will “teach” or “aggravate”

The “teaching” must have elements of:

Sufficient information, so that “brain brain” leads to better decisions in new times.
Consciousness to make the baby “concentrate and focus on the information in the first easy”

The “aggravation” often has an element of emotion!

When the parents aggravate the “brain” will focus on parental emotions rather than teaching.

In fact, children who make mistakes are often afraid. I feel guilty as the capital already. Emotional Not much will make the baby feel worse. I understand that “making mistakes is a big deal”

If you do wrong, parents will be scared to do wrong. May be too cautious. Become a source of ”

Parenting 101 from Nanny At Homes

In the picture …. the impatient to hold tickets. When I say the mother is finished picking the ticket from her mother.
Rather than waiting for a permit.

Mom was shocked at the sudden lack of tickets. And I’m angry that you do not listen to the warning. And may not be able to enjoy the park. Make the words flow to the mood! I became a child !!

See you later!
I do not listen !!
Do not do it !!!
Go home !!

What do you think?
I’m in trouble!

How many?

If parents want children to learn. And not as a child loses confidence in the future. Parents need to make children aware that “mistakes are not big.” Parents must accept and always help your children to improve.

As follows …
When the ticket is absent …

1. mother to get before
I will learn that. People need to be conscious. No matter what the event is.

2. “Okay … how do we do it? Now the ticket is broken. “
(I will learn. “Problem solving” rather than being caught up with problems and emotions)

3 If abacus does not teach Abacus like “I think the ticket is just a symbol that helps ticket people know that we paid. And this ticket is missing a pump today. If we tell the story, let’s check the ticket. Will he allow it? ”

4. When the ticket issue is resolved. Invite the child to review the event that the ticket is absent.

You will know the “cause” mistakes they made.
For example, “Abacus, because of what the ticket is lacking.”
Abacus Review “Rats pull from mother hands”

5. Teach children to learn from mistakes.
Like, “Next time, if there is another. What would you do? ”

Or “If the ticket is not allowed. We will be together. Pay for new It will waste more money. Or will go home will be fun. ”

“Child” with “wrong” is a pair. If a child does not make mistakes. I think that’s wrong

Parents do not make children afraid of making mistakes. People who are successful are “people who are not afraid to do wrong. But learn from the wrong thing “ต่างหาก separately.

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